Thursday, 26 September 2013

Back from a lazy summer

Wow! That summer was not at all what I expected. I ran a great race at Limberlost, and after that everything went downhill.
I couldn't get myself to do serious speedwork. Apart from 2 days of trail running in the Highlands National Park on the Cabbot Trail, I didn't do much during our August vacation, and I took two weeks completely off soon after, just so happy to NOT run, after a strange episode of total pain everywhere in my body, following a simple Seaton trail run from Forestream. It didn't help either that the fall I had in Cape Breton Island ended up hurting more that I thought, going into deep tissue, with suspicion of a bruised bone (femur).

Thankfully, I'm back on the trails for the fall season - there's nothing like a few good friends, a few good runs to make you happy again to put your shoes on and go run closer to Nature for a while.
And of course, it also helped that Garth had a strong race at Haliburton 100. I captained Aid-Station 5 and had a blast, and gained new motivation from seeing many of my friends there, along with many new faces, all happy and focused on reaching their goal, whatever this was.

Also, in preparation for my confrontation with the Gnarly Bandit, I joined the Goodlife Fitness Club near my place so I can do some speedtraining on the treadmill, strength and cardio on the stairmaster, and generally speaking some stretching and more strengthening, eventually some spinning.
All that's missing now is introducing one day a week/every other week where I'd bike to work and go for a swim in the morning.

Oh! And to win the ongoing battle for weightloss. What do you think these months of lazyness did to me? You know what it is - you reduce the physical activity, but you still eat the same!!!
At least it seems I'm on track to avoid cheese for a while, it's been over a week and I feel better every day about it. :-)

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