Saturday, 9 April 2016

New beginnings

It's gonna take a while, maybe, maybe not, Eventually, I'll be able to change the title of my blog, maybe I'll even find out how to delete the whole thing.

I defeated the Gnarly Bandit. Barely. But I got him. Finished all five races under the cut-off time. It nearly killed me but I did it.
I was pretty badly burned out after that. Took some time off - had to, given I had sprained my left hip a few days before the last race, Wild Duluth 100km, while having fun on a mat curting my old love, aïkido.
Then felt ok to start running again, and BANG! winter hit me, Tried to ignore it, but BANG! again, life hit me, or race, death, or a good friend of it - cancer. My dad's cancer, that finally came into terminal phase, and vanquished my father after nearly six years of battle. Crapy spring, husband's heart surgery happened the week after my dad passed.
Then some races, training races, because like a good little soldier I had signed up for a 100 miler fun race in Pennsylvania. Didn't finish that one. You can't run on a broken heart, bruised heart, empty soul, tired body, empty heart.
My daughter went West to study, my husband left me. or I left him. Doesn't matter, we fell apart.
A newly single empty nester doesn't need a house. Condo life is good, there's a whirlpool there to soothe sore muscle after a long run. Long runs are 25km now.
2016 = the year of 25 km races!!! :-) and Hot Yoga. And maybe blog writing.

If only I could find out how to change the title...

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